Sara Moriarty

Growing up in Yonkers, Sara was interested in finding a university that was near her so she could visit her family whenever she desired. She attended school at Good Counsel and was able to obtain a scholarship provided from the school, which only two graduating seniors get every year. That was one of the reason senior Communications and History major Sara had attended Pace University. Other two contributions that influenced her attendance at the school was the 3 + 3 law program and the great internship opportunities  offered at Pace University.

Her time at Pace has been very eventful and successful. In Fall of 2014, she was the feature editor for the school’s newspaper, The Chronicle. Before that, she had also worked as the opinion editor for one year. She has written stories on student organization Pace Drama Alliance, informing the student body about upcoming productions. She had also wrote a piece on changing the sexual assault policy on campus, which was right before the President had sent out a statement on the policy. Besides contributing to the Pace community through her writing, she has been very involved in community service, especially through CCAR.

Last year for both Fall and Spring semester, Sara had helped out the Spring Fling that CCAR hosts for students with disabilities. The program, called The Successful Learning Center, would participate in the spring fling held at Pace. “Although we only danced and hanged out with the kids, this small impact was huge for them. Any small opportunity that Pace offers allows me to leave a big impact for others around me,” said Sara. Being able to take advantage of the great opportunities offered at Pace is what many students like Sara do.

One of the many jobs that Pace offers is at the writing center, which is where Sara works at. She helps and assists other students with their writing. Having only one semester left at Pace, she wants to continue to work at the writing center and keep helping others on their writing. Sara really enjoys helping others, which is why she wants to be a person undergraduate students look up to. When she was a freshman, juniors and seniors had helped her navigate at Pace and now wants to help others just like how they helped her, “Helping other students not be confused about their classes, degrees, and advising is what I want to do. I want them to know they are not alone and the community is here for them.”

Picking her favorite memory wasn’t so easy, since she has made so many great memories, but the one she picked happened to be with CCAR and the SLC lunch program. Along with Caitlin Kelly of CCAR, they preformed an Irish dance for the SLC lunch program in the setters lounge. Not only did they dance, but they also showed some dances to the children. For the children who were in wheelchairs, they taught them a with hands the dance, which the kids really enjoyed. “It only lasted for half an hour, but it was a very fun opportunity, seeing the kids really enjoy themselves and making their St.Patricks day special,” said Sara about her favorite memory.

Sara has only one semester left at Pace, but plans to do as much as she can. She will be interning during the summer, which Pace has helped her find one. She hopes to find another internship for the fall semester, gaining more experience for her future. Although she has taken the environmental clinic class, she will be taking it again to see if she could make a difference in environmental law.

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Miguel the Pace University Deli worker

If you attend Pace University, you may understand the food isn’t always the greatest, at least in my opinion. However, when I do decide to eat in the school cafeteria, I usually go for a sandwich. Nothing special about that right? Well what about the person who is making our sandwich? We overlook the people who serve us our food not realizing they are here for a reason and are just doing their job.

Miguel is a middle-aged man who has been working in the Pace Cafeteria for 6 plus years now. While being a university food service employee isn’t too bad, Miguel does wish he could have a better job, like most people who always strive for more. However, Miguel says he is completely content with where he is at. His job feeds his family, keeps him afloat, and when people are kind enough to ask about his day, it makes it all worth it. He explains to me that it’s the simple things in life that keep people internally happy. It doesn’t matter where you are, where you were, or where you are going, it just matters if you are happy with the moments you are living in.

When I asked Miguel why he chose to work at Pace, he explained to me that the opportunity rose, he jumped at it in need of a job, and didn’t question it. He told me sometimes you need to be impulsive and accept the opportunities right in front of you instead of searching for ones you see fit.

Let life happen, he says. And make the best of your job, no matter what.

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Jennifer Robertson

One of the best programs that Pace University has to offer is the Nursing Program, which is what brought Jennifer Robertson to this school. “Unlike many schools, Pace allows their nursing students to be involved from freshman year, eventually joining the program sophomore year,” said Jennifer about the program at Pace. She is currently a junior, about to be a senior nursing major. Like many other students, she took a tour of the school and it really appealed to her, “The campus seemed very fun, the dorms looked awesome and I like how it was close to home but still far enough to dorm.” Living in Brooklyn, she liked how close Pace was to the city, which was important to her.

Being part of the Pace community has allowed Jennifer to be involved and even guide future students. She has been a Peer Leader for the past two years, and will be doing it for her third and final year this upcoming 2015-2106 academic year. “I work with freshman nursing majors and help them transition from high school into college,” Jennifer said. Another leadership role she has taken on at Pace is also being a WOW (Week of Welcome) leader. With this role, Jennifer was given the chance to participate in a weekend long orientation, helping new or transfer students learn about the campus and community through fun activities, programs and presentations. She mainly worked with incoming nursing students, since she is a nursing major herself and would be able to help them with any worries they could potentially have.

She is also part of other clubs and organizations like the Psychology club and Student Nurses at Pace (SNAP). She’s part of the New Dorm Hall Consul, where they host events and give free food in New Dorm. She is the representative of New Dorm for RHA.

Living on Briarcliff definitely has its’ perks, and Jennifer knows how to take advantage of them, “My favorite memories at Pace would have to be laying on the lawn; playing with friends, doing homework or just enjoying the weather.” Her favorite time of the year at Pace would have to be springtime since it’s more enjoyable and can relax (after those dreaded finals).

As for the future, Jennifer has a set goal on what she would still like to achieve. “I would love to become an RA (currently alternative RA) and make an impact to a new community, and continue to be a Peer Leader as well,” said Jennifer. Even further ahead, Jennifer would like to get her masters in nursing or even come back to teach at Pace for the nursing program. Whatever Jennifer decides to do, she has made her contributions at Pace, which makes her story an impactful and unique one.

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Heather Mehne


In her senior year of high school, Heather Mehne had to decide which of her two top schools to attend for college in the fall. She had been accepted to both the University of Hartford and Pace University’s NYC campus. Having a deep interest in the fashion industry Pace NYC’s campus was a great contender, but in the end Heather decided she did not want to sacrifice living a traditional college campus and chose to go to the University of Hartford.

Wanting to go into Public Relations, Heather was a communications major at the University of Hartford and enjoyed taking various media classes. However, in her sophomore year, she realized that she wanted to be closer to more job opportunities and started to look at schools in New York. She was familiar with the Westchester area because she had family living there and knew it was a better area to gain work experience.

Heather was shocked when she discovered the Pace University Pleasantville campus because she didn’t even know it was an option when she applied to Pace in high school. She came for a last minute visit in August where she met with Admissions counselor Justin Santore, who was extremely helpful. When he explained that the communications department didn’t have a Public Relations major, he suggested she go into Marketing. It seemed like a perfect fit for her, so she transferred and started her junior year at Pace that fall semester.

Since then, Heather can now sum up her amazing Pace experience in four words: “Ad Team,” and “Paul Kurnit.”

She came in as an upperclassmen and started in a completely new major, which required her to take business courses such as accounting and finance for the first time in classes with mostly underclassmen. It wasn’t until she took Kurnit’s Ad + Promo class in the Spring that she realized she made the right choice. It was in that class that she fell in love with the advertising industry. She found herself putting more time into her work for his class because she it allowed her to embrace her creative side.

After finishing this course, she joined many of her classmates and applied for Kurnit’s year long advertising course, commonly referred to as “Ad Team.” The class is set up like a real world advertising agency and allows students to have true hands on experience in creating a complete marketing plan and advertising campaign for a business client and present their ideas in a national competition.  It was an experience she says she will never forget.

Now in her senior year, Heather realizes that she never would have had the same experiences that she had at Pace if she had stayed at her old university. From numerous job opportunities and connections to gaining real world experience on Ad Team, she feels that she has made the most of her Pace experience and feels prepared for her future career.

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Adeline Coscia: Graduating Nurse


“ I came to Pace to become the best nurse I could, and this program they have here allows me to do so,” says Adeline.

Adeline is 21 years young who will be graduating as a registered nurse this coming May. While Adeline chose this school to become a nurse through one of the most competitive programs, she didn’t think it was going to be as hard as it has been.

Looking back on her college career, Adeline quivers at the thought of having to ever re do a year of nursing school. The program at Pace makes people depressed and is aimed to make you fail, she explains. Becoming a nurse is not easy, you watch people fail out left and right, and you watch teachers try to narrow the group down to the best, Adeline says. While she feels proud she made it this far, Adeline questions her choice to come to Pace.

“I don’t think I would have come here if the nursing program wasn’t so good.” Adeline likes to think the people she met here will last her a lifetime, but she wonders if she would have been happier at another school.

In Adeline’s opinion she thinks that sometimes when people are choosing a school to go to, finances aren’t always the only concern. Her biggest concern while searching for a school was the passing rate of the nursing students as well as the successful alumni. When she found PACE at a college fair, she knew she wanted to attend. Sadly, as she nostalgically looks back, she isn’t confident this school was all she pegged it out to be.

I say good job Adeline! You made it to your final year as a registered nurse!

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Dan Garcia


“Besides my father going to Pace, I was also able to envision myself at this school for the next four years,” says Dan Garcia, junior Applied Psychology major. Not being a city person, he chose Pace University for its’ remote location. As a freshman, Dan has always strived to make many achievements for himself and at Pace. He earned the “Emerging Setter” award his freshman year for being a student leader who has contributed towards the Pace community.

He recently has been elected as President for the Student Government Association, or known as SGA. “I feel extremely honored and it’s such a privilege to be representing my peers,” says Dan about winning the elections. He has many plans in store for the 2015-2016 academic year. He would like to make internal changes, so things can run more smoother and efficient, “I would like to make the library become 24-hours and make the school more transparent,” says Dan about the changes he hopes to make, “I feel like it’s really important for my peers to know where their money is going, how it’s been used and how it can benefit them and their education.”

He has really made his involvement show on the Pace community, being the current President of fraternity Alpha Phi Delta, formally being VP of his fraternity and of SGA as well. He is also VP of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leader Society. His favorite memory at Pace so far has people he has met, “The people that I can call my friends, have met, and the people I work with have really made my experience at Pace great.” “This campus has so many opportunities, it’s just a matter of discovering them,” said Dan about opportunities, “They are everywhere and anyone can do them as long as you have initiative.” As far as his legacy at Pace, he would love for people to remember him as “someone who fought the truth.”

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Emily Schnier

Being a university, it is easy for us to focus on the students and their experiences. However, you may be surprised to find that just like the students, many faculty and staff also have rather unique stories of how they chose Pace!

Emily Schnier is currently the Welcome Center Manager at Pace University’s Pleasantville campus. She finished her undergraduate degree at Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey where she majored in business administration with a concentration in management and minored in psychology. Even when she was in school, she knew she wanted to work in higher education, especially in student affairs.

Emily’s best friend’s sister had graduated from Pace’s New York City campus so she was familiar with the school and it’s prestigious reputation. To her, Pace seemed like an ideal working environment where she would be able to pursue her dream career path. When she graduated from Ramapo, she went straight to Pace’s website and searched their job postings.

Having originally applied for an admissions counselor position, the process in which Emily was hired was quite long. In total, she came for 7 interviews with various Pace staff for various positions until she landed the Welcome Center Manager position, which was the overall best fit for her. “All that time was well worth it,” she said “because now I’m working in a position that I love with some pretty amazing people.”

Emily says that the best part of her job is working with the students. “The people that I work with at Pace, specifically my tour guides, truly make it all worthwhile,” she said. No matter where her career path takes her, Emily now knows from her job experiences at the Pace Pleasantville Welcome Center that she definitely wants to have a role that would require her to work closely with students.

Tour Guides 2014

Emily enjoys working with students and loves all of her fantastic tour guides at the Welcome Center!

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